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Panasonic TC-P42G10 Viera G10 Series Plasma

Saturday, April 25, 2009 7:37 AM

Dry eyes, plasma addicts. The premature death of the Pioneer Kuro line does not mean you should give up the theater dark and deliciously perfect color depth for a long time. In fact, although the last of the Pioneer Elite Kuro in some way make a home in the U.S. Fortunately, the new HDTV set is ready to seize the vacant throne of the king of the plasma.

Panasonic G10 series is the most worthy heir clear that we have the pleasure of ogling. Our 42-inch model does not only blew us away with amazing color accuracy (and we doubt we believe that plasma is the same death as the death of the only HD-DVD), but come with a price to make their former rivals in the corner with snot ashamed .

This key visual appeal plasma consisting of a THX mode. In addition to the audio components, home theater from THX certification ninjas started on plasma and LCD a few years ago. Each group is set on 400 individual tests, from the evaluation in the treatment of flare. Basically, the idea behind the G-10 THX mode that is required to re-create the color film to be used in the study post-production process. And while this may not be the same as paying a professional $ 10,000 in the value of HDTV equipment failed to improve the terrible torch mode, this is the closest color to click nirvana get these days.

The end result of all this is that plasma THXing crushed nearly every reference that causes the production of perfect in both HD and standard definition 3:2 pull-down test. Aced our unity, we also reduce the noise and 1080i de-interlacing tests, Jaggi and combed out like a pro.

As there is not enough, G-10 standard definition content capabilities Upconverter impressed. Given, as a primary source that is not sharp as the HD of the country, but with nary an artifact is found, it is difficult to complain.

To further sweeten the pot, all G10s Panasonic Internet company with a media player, VieraCast. With the quick push of a button, you will be able to launch a series of web widgets such as stocks, weather and YouTube video. None of the blow your mind, but it is good to have access to their accounts from Flickr and Picasa on your TV. At the time of testing, does not have access to the Amazon video on demand service (which now include HD content), but at this time is scheduled to debut in May to upgrade the software free.

So, in summary, yes it is sad to see the output of the Pioneer plasma business. However, after spending several weeks with G-10, it is clear that we must mourn officer.


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