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Cloud Engines PogoPlug

Thursday, April 16, 2009 7:42 AM

There are few things more than I try to access the distance data from your computer embryo House. But how? Can become swollen, as a blunt Microsoft cluster solution. Or you can go rationalization, lora Route drinking.

A sweet, does not have a skull-busting Route In this case came In the form of PogoPlug. This device, as seen Super-AC adapter, hard disk connected to all external Fire (Bahk USB stick), and in that konto web service that allows you to get access to the world in each of the Internet to get a signal - including the iPhone. (We will go to Back).

Installing a simple give-spirited. Linking PogoPlug us in the router (via Ethernet) that is attached USB hard disk, and create an account my.pogoplug.com. Two minutes later we puluh Coffee in the embryo read word documents, image files and video. That was it. No cable, and no RTFMing do not worry.

The likelihood that you will Want to see your data when and where it will have a team Sekito. Got an iPhone? (Of course.) You can download the mobile application PogoPlug and read data from the House to use the device with your The Jesus Device.

But that is not no snafu PogoPlug occasional inconvenience. Which is only available for a preview image files. PDF, HTML, or Word document file to be downloaded before viewing. Worse, when the device unhooked, causing the PC twice to crash Turuta respectively. We still have not fully Yakin If this was not due to a disability or Windows In PogoPlug.

We are also a little ragout-ragout About PogoPlug safety. There is an HTTPS site available to view the file, but does not set as a standard. Our recommendation? Vacay in SILAKA see all photos, video, and Word documents that you want. Bank, credit card information, Social Security numbers - indeed, any sensitive documents - the most in the House.

If not for the lackluster security PogoPlug, this device will be perfect hell. But with the potential Lubanga In the framework of the gadget, is already apprehensive About us access to things as W2. In addition to this time of year, and you Want to see identity documents tax fretting About Mereke stolen?


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