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Panasonic TC-P42G10 Viera G10 Series Plasma

Saturday, April 25, 2009 7:37 AM

Dry eyes, plasma addicts. The premature death of the Pioneer Kuro line does not mean you should give up the theater dark and deliciously perfect color depth for a long time. In fact, although the last of the Pioneer Elite Kuro in some way make a home in the U.S. Fortunately, the new HDTV set is ready to seize the vacant throne of the king of the plasma.

Panasonic G10 series is the most worthy heir clear that we have the pleasure of ogling. Our 42-inch model does not only blew us away with amazing color accuracy (and we doubt we believe that plasma is the same death as the death of the only HD-DVD), but come with a price to make their former rivals in the corner with snot ashamed .

This key visual appeal plasma consisting of a THX mode. In addition to the audio components, home theater from THX certification ninjas started on plasma and LCD a few years ago. Each group is set on 400 individual tests, from the evaluation in the treatment of flare. Basically, the idea behind the G-10 THX mode that is required to re-create the color film to be used in the study post-production process. And while this may not be the same as paying a professional $ 10,000 in the value of HDTV equipment failed to improve the terrible torch mode, this is the closest color to click nirvana get these days.

The end result of all this is that plasma THXing crushed nearly every reference that causes the production of perfect in both HD and standard definition 3:2 pull-down test. Aced our unity, we also reduce the noise and 1080i de-interlacing tests, Jaggi and combed out like a pro.

As there is not enough, G-10 standard definition content capabilities Upconverter impressed. Given, as a primary source that is not sharp as the HD of the country, but with nary an artifact is found, it is difficult to complain.

To further sweeten the pot, all G10s Panasonic Internet company with a media player, VieraCast. With the quick push of a button, you will be able to launch a series of web widgets such as stocks, weather and YouTube video. None of the blow your mind, but it is good to have access to their accounts from Flickr and Picasa on your TV. At the time of testing, does not have access to the Amazon video on demand service (which now include HD content), but at this time is scheduled to debut in May to upgrade the software free.

So, in summary, yes it is sad to see the output of the Pioneer plasma business. However, after spending several weeks with G-10, it is clear that we must mourn officer.

Kodak Zx1

Friday, April 17, 2009 7:36 AM

The consumer electronics world thick with compromise. It is a fact that less than hard knocks Santa Anas, especially as designers keep trying to open a smaller, cheaper batteries with a high-end device characteristics. So we go ga-ga for the Kodak Zi6 pocket camera, a solid and honest all the false strong that the HD-HD Flip Mino and never made to provide a low cost and high quality.

And that's why I feel a little disappointment for fantasy Zi6's successor, Zx1. We were not wrong, this campaign is part of the hardware is solid with a trimmer, more pocket-friendly site, stain-resistant shell, and the same 1.6 megapixel sensor and 4.1mm lens enables a noble Zi6 HD video. But the key to "update" left us completely bumbfounded (a + Bummer aback): namely, lack of space in the pop-out USB.

Of course, there are some hidden features Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow commitment. Trench Kodak USB dock that is not futile. In place, you will receive an HDMI slot. Impressive for a small $ 150 handycam, but only if the practice is ready to lead, or to save the data cable. Revolution started by a phone based on the characteristic: simplicity. No cable, no cable, no cable, no nonsense. If you want to trade comfort for HDMI, this camera is worth pickpockets.

Stregth = Tron Retrofuturistic keyboard line and design. No more stealth start busting stroke. OMG FTW HDMI (if you do not mind the cables). 720p with a maximum of 60fps. Rechargeable Ni-MH AA charger included. Almost 34 percent and 16 percent smaller than the Zi6 light. Available in five colors, including mustard, hot-dog of the yellow.

Weakness = body Tini, low screen (for a one quarter inch) = crappie reproduction. Relatively narrow angle lens. Night and low light shooting the clip is still noisy. Beater horse said: "Is not the whole point of the pocket to avoid the camera toting cable?

Cloud Engines PogoPlug

Thursday, April 16, 2009 7:42 AM

There are few things more than I try to access the distance data from your computer embryo House. But how? Can become swollen, as a blunt Microsoft cluster solution. Or you can go rationalization, lora Route drinking.

A sweet, does not have a skull-busting Route In this case came In the form of PogoPlug. This device, as seen Super-AC adapter, hard disk connected to all external Fire (Bahk USB stick), and in that konto web service that allows you to get access to the world in each of the Internet to get a signal - including the iPhone. (We will go to Back).

Installing a simple give-spirited. Linking PogoPlug us in the router (via Ethernet) that is attached USB hard disk, and create an account my.pogoplug.com. Two minutes later we puluh Coffee in the embryo read word documents, image files and video. That was it. No cable, and no RTFMing do not worry.

The likelihood that you will Want to see your data when and where it will have a team Sekito. Got an iPhone? (Of course.) You can download the mobile application PogoPlug and read data from the House to use the device with your The Jesus Device.

But that is not no snafu PogoPlug occasional inconvenience. Which is only available for a preview image files. PDF, HTML, or Word document file to be downloaded before viewing. Worse, when the device unhooked, causing the PC twice to crash Turuta respectively. We still have not fully Yakin If this was not due to a disability or Windows In PogoPlug.

We are also a little ragout-ragout About PogoPlug safety. There is an HTTPS site available to view the file, but does not set as a standard. Our recommendation? Vacay in SILAKA see all photos, video, and Word documents that you want. Bank, credit card information, Social Security numbers - indeed, any sensitive documents - the most in the House.

If not for the lackluster security PogoPlug, this device will be perfect hell. But with the potential Lubanga In the framework of the gadget, is already apprehensive About us access to things as W2. In addition to this time of year, and you Want to see identity documents tax fretting About Mereke stolen?

Sangean Sanyo VPC-1010

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 11:15 AM

Stand apart from the crowd with a unique form factor, this Sanyo AVCHD video camera is a pocket-sized video rocket shooting 1080p at 30 frames per second with 38-380mm zoom. Novel design and sharp video are equipped with functions such as Face Detection and Face Chaser which zero in on faces and places in both the focus and exposure quickly. It works surprisingly well and provides some delicious video to SD / SDHC memory format. 1010 also note that quite sharp 4-megapixel still while Ambient light is not very low. Despite all this good Sanyo may have been asleep at the wheel by not including optical image stabilization. If you can live only with digital, and then take a good view point of this camcorder.

G19 Keyboard from Logitech

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 7:59 AM

If you spend your day bent over a table or pounding through the verbiage to straddle Khazen Modano Mono Gauntlets training tool that can make a difference.

Unfortunately, the science of keyboard design seems to have fallen in the street in the last few years. Besides vapory blowhards such as Optimus Maximus, the most of the keyboard is now basically thin slabs of horsemeat sponge low key on the fringe of the totem hierarchy.

G19, which is one of the rare exceptions: A retro-licious hulking beast of a board akan satisfy adherents Riders WoW desktop and same-same ... for the price.

As a successor Logitech G11 and G15, this is very much part of the plastic that comes with the game in the physical DNA. As his family, has aesthetics that harkens back to the block days Model M. However, there are a few modern flourishes G-board clearly modern marvel.

One of the characteristics that are popular again "G-Key", which can be programmed to send the key combination you want. This time, there are three sets of keys Programmable network set vertically in a 2 x 2 on the left side of the card (twice the current G15). And with three settings for each key, which means you get 36 single keystrokes or complex macros.

But let's not kid: the big sales point here (and the reason for G19 to two hundred dollars from the price) is a play, full-color LCD firmly planted in the middle of the board. This screen allows you to not only display the information in the game for more than 60 titles, you can use different applications to see YouTube, VoIP, instant message, and yes, even twitter.

Although we had problems playing some video formats, we generally impressed with the display 320 x 240 video without ghosting very soft handle and frame. Although too small to watch videos of any kind, it is still a tool for specific tasks such as instant messages.

Impressive than the features, the G19 keyboard is also pretty decent. Rapid fall in love with the clackity-clack of the keyboard sound, either add a fun illusion that you really productive (not only does not have any Twittering on twitter ghost writer ...).

In the end, the G19 is an obstruction that plagued the luxurious keyboard since long time: it's freaking great. Play on LCD driver? In fact, it requires a small team on board to run Linux, which in turn require their own electricity. If you choose to create a free to use two USB ports, you can have a better shot this cable to the team.

Therefore, the G19 may be too much for people with a simple case fingerrhea. With the current price, could scare away players who can legitimately use a strong set of features. However, if you're a fan of the G-board and a pair of C-notes to spare, then the G19 will be welcome addition to the midnight raids. Excelsior!

Can be wired more than one box Legos. Two free USB ports. Dedicated D-pad and menu buttons let you control directly from the LCD keypad. Comfortable cable rails carved in the bottom of the unit reducing clutter ... bit. Choose your own adventure with the color adjust backlighting. The key to good and responsive Clicky.

Tired of limited desktop space? This is not a keyboard. Price match giant footprint. Required to run the power brick. After losing a new LCD to be more of a change from a useful tool.

Porsche Design P'9522 Phone

Monday, April 13, 2009 11:24 AM

You can go with if you are beautiful. As with the new Porsche Design P'9522 phone. With the way, is a very capable phone, but most other people, that is Dumber gorgeous machined aluminum block.

In regard to the specification, it is expected that this will be activated touch screen beauty of the Fire from the headset. First, is full of radio: In addition to the quad-band wireless connectivity, is of the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, which is now almost de rigueur on the mobile devices of this type. This is also a recipient of FM - what a nice touch that most companies (except Nokia) to choose to go through. We believe that he can not.

But what can you do with all the radio? Okay you are a speaker. Although the phone comes with a very decent mobile browser Opera Mini, with a range of 3-G is restricted to the Old Country (read Europe). Even if you're in Wi-Fi hotspot, which will be better for a few rounds MacBooks bloggers surf the web using the touchscreen is not accurate and horribly thin knife key. And the touchscreen? It is worse than we ever used touchscreen. You can not touch an item in the list - you must be moved. As the name of the phone from the car, highlighting the line went waaaay too fast, almost always pass the desired option. In fact, even the color of the 2.8-inch energy-efficient Grinding your browser screen does not help them.

Now we know that some of you think: "That's fine, I do not really surf the internet on the phone anyway. All you need is a mobile phone to keep in touch." Well, Mr. luddite: We hear you, but we hope that we can "touch" does not include e-mail - a feature that is not our attempt to Porsche March scratchproof screen mobile phone control anger. Unfortunately, the screen is very difficult, so akan P'9522 praise and drool over - even though we are many complaints with it.

Strength = large. Touch screen interface that is easy to understand, but a limited and frustrating. Summer pre-loaded the roar of the engine's 911 GT3 and Turbo. 5-megapixel camera has autofocus and capture clean, live image. Flash LED functions as a flashlight. Unlock your phone with fingerprint scanner is MI5.

Weakness = fingerprint scanner is also very POS: Who thought it would be a good idea to use fingerprints to access the device that the possibility of participation on the one hand, while juggling many tasks? Including preloaded ringtones bad German techno. Touchscreen is very frustrating. Seriously - no e-mail?

Flip Mino, Slim Camcorder: VGA Video

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 7:44 AM

Pure digital saved everything he loved about the Flip Ultra camcorder and reduced to a micro-camera battery slides into the pocket as easily as a $ 20 bill. This store that honest Wee hours of high quality VGA video and allows you to edit and upload to sites like YouTube that roll more easily, thanks to a style Knife USB arm and software that runs on the side of the camera. The bright 1.5-inch LCD shines even brighter in the day, while the lens sucks in the dim light. It's the best thing to happen to move images from Uwe Boll vowed to retirement.

Canon 500D

Monday, April 6, 2009 7:47 AM

Canon recently announced the 15.1 megapixel EOS 500D, also known as Rebel T1i in the U.S. market. The new digital SLR this is a response to the Nikon D90 - is the high-end consumer models that shoot HD video. This is also the second digital SLR from Nikon to Canon's HD efforts.

500D to shoot a full 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), but not so in only 20 frames per second. Drop to 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) and provide a better 30fps. This compares with the Nikon D90 up to 720p to 24fps (the same speed as camera film based on the film). The Nikon, but note that shitty movement JPEG format. Displayed on the 500D. Mov in the H.264 codec. Another nice touch is the ability to use automatically, while, despite only getting to use the slower contrast detection system in live view mode.

Yes, the 500D has live view, because almost all of this camera that appears. Frame mode (this is a digital SLR after all) also has some nice details. Like most of which is called automatically by Canon Creative, and is essentially an easy way to adjust the camera settings while taking care to leave weight lifting. Still camera in automatic mode, the user can choose between the English-language options, such as "Dark / light" or "Background Blur" to personalize the image. For starters, not from the manual on the camera bottom, this is the best way to learn without the mess of things.

If not, there is little that stands out, will not be good "film speed". 500D which appears to ISO 3200 in normal mode with two additional emergency 6400 and 12800. Remaining specifications are good, but not surprising - 3 ", 920,000 pixel LCD, 95% coverage viewfinder, HDMI-out, self-cleaning sensor, face detection. The APS-C sensor to measure the size of 30 mm diagonal, which is smaller than the entire frame sensor , but there are many more small improvements pocket cameras' sensors.

500D price of only $ 800 for the body and $ 900 in a kit with the EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. That is, if you wonder, if the negotiations. Available in May.

Milwaukee M-Spector Camera - Flex Cable Camera Finds Lost Stuffs

Saturday, April 4, 2009 8:08 AM

Milwaukee in May to have been designed to assist inspectors in the place where hidden mold home improvement or low quality, but the F-Spector's too fun to leave to the professionals. 5 years that you really drop your diamond ring in the sink - or pawn Fruit Roll-Ups? Want to know the easiest way the quantity of bananas from the "hilarious" in the tube and sisters? Take M-Spector, thumb buttons and illuminated display with 2.5-inch 320x240 pixel color video sent from the CMOS camera is smaller at the end of its flexible neck. A camera mounted LED dark and murky, so you can see where you can get 3 feet long cable. Of course, the police can use the F-peer around corners or Spector uber-Shanks in cells, but equally effective in the identification of perfectly good grape shot in the fridge. Not too creative, you may wish to draw the line colonoscopies at home.

Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Racing Wheel is Nearly Better Than the Real Thing

Friday, April 3, 2009 7:35 AM

If you are a racing sim fan who absolutely needs Porsche branded gear, Fanatec's Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel is not a bad place to start. It is a solid piece of equipment that, when set at the table is as solid as it will be strong if placed in the dashboard. Do not come with a pair of "lap wings" for the couch-inclined, but just look ridiculous and feel uncomfortable if you do not run a stable surface.

Wrapped in hand-stitched leather, the fine cut is marred by thin plastic buttons adorning the center of the wheel - a small complaint, but justified by the price and "Porsche quality standards." Nitpicking aside, the wheel is solidly built, because it is the pedals accompany it. A metal plate pedals rooted in the store, and offers stability as you slide the experts (or mashing frantically) about the song.

Wheels that are connected wirelessly by a USB dongle to the PS3 or PC (sorry 360 fans). To be able to get the effect, including rotations and jarring vibrations from the full 900 degrees on the wheel during less successful turns, you must run at a title that supports the strength of the wheel (for PC, we went with rFactor).

The pedals are supported by 4 AA batteries, but the wheel requires an AC adapter to keep your engine running, you still tethered. Special note is the change in command. Fanatec packs two: sequential changes of light, and better 6-speed knob, which, together with the clutch pedal, feels so close to reality can be almost hear the accents of the Oxford polishing potential passengers.

Motor force crammed into the steering wheel makes this quite similar to the real-dependent future, of course, especially the simulation is being played. With heavy physical simulator like rFactor, the wheel is quite a number of resistance, around every bend, as happened during the time to spin spasmodically during our less successful laps. Combined with a responsive (and adjust) race pedals, we see that performance is measured using the car differencein between the Front, All, and the rear wheel ... in a video game. The only thing missing is the cheetah print seat.

Home - the Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel is the most many of us never get close to a goat track in the vicinity of a real Porsche. You get the fringe of a large race, but should be ready to pay more for the symbol of luxury.

Mitsubishi LaserVue HDTV- Uses Laser Light to Double Color Range

Thursday, April 2, 2009 8:00 AM

Mom always told you not to look at the sun. He might have added to the list of laser we are not - directly in the beams of concentrated it can burn your retina. So there are thoughts that the Akan Akan ideal light source for television? Mitsubishi 65-inch LaserVue PDAM this technology to produce astonishingly alive. Rear-projection set of different colors are twice as wide as the typical high-definition television, use 33 percent less power the LCD of the same size. Although this 3-D-ready TV in May seems straight out of Solaris, which need not fear the novelty, not like most of the emerging technologies of laser has a resistance. Company says that never has to change. So go ahead and the lack of screen DVD 24 / 7. Or if you feel daring, the fire of its Blu-ray player to Angelina enjoyed in all its glory Beowulfian. As the eye on Sunday, only hotter.

Samsung i8510 INNOV8 - 8Mp to Pixel Perfect

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 8:54 AM

Comedian Louis C.K. is a point when they mused on how it all so great and happy. Take time to consider the i8510 is one of the newest Smartphone from Samsung 8-megapixels.

In some cases, this slider right to live with studly plate ready moniker: Innov8. Weighing only 140 grams, the handset offers some of our best optics that has been found crammed into a phone: crisp and fresh photos (3264 × 2448 pixels) and image stabilizer capture decent video that explains the placement was completely ashamed of handicams approximately 2008. You can even shoot at 30 fps VGA or 120fps QVGA with huge (yes, 120), including the slow motion at 1/4th and 1/8th speed and length, then use the video editing suite on board the same court quickly write faster than you can say "convergence is impressive."

Amazing, sure, but not the picture perfect phone. I8510 function almost the same as the standard point and shoot, with the exception of the zoom button located inexplicably and awkwardly at the bottom of the device. More strange is the view of the control pad, which proved more sensitive than the entertainer does not dance with the date. Samsung seems to get better with the phone that marries high-level image to an optical communication device sound. But it's just ... is not enough ... ... ... does not exist.

Beaucoup codec Wired, including - wait for it - DivX! 2.8-inch screen is very good to play. Intuitive photo / video editing suite. Same intuitive navigation. Automatic lens cover. slot 16GB microSD (enough to go to the Scorsese epic aspiring). All the usual suspects phone: 3G, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, accelerometer, GPS. Decent headphones are just the cable. 3.5mm audio jack. Rather, the TV output capability.

Tired Side mounted headphone make difficult phone pocket. Optical control of the pad is sensitive child (between us and you - we do not want to hurt her feelings). More false metal shell scratches still enough to fill the album DJ Shadow. Apart from a bit clunky. More false flash to be brighter.


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