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Samsung NC20

Saturday, May 9, 2009 10:32 AM

NETBOOK not enough, is not an ultralight PC. Regardless of that, the Samsung NC20 is a dazzling technical feat: very useful 12-inch laptop with the battery epic, and frankly impressive specification that mystifyingly price.

NC20 many under the tent of the signal NETBOOK world, offers a relatively limited as the specification of 1 GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive, and the most chilling brow, VIA Nano U2250 CPU.

Serious, VIA? Although VIA has been touting the nano as David to Goliath Intel Atom, the Atom is now the standard for VIA still sounds like degradation. But the fact is another. In our benchmarks, the NC20 outclassed all the Atom-based laptops we've ever tested (most can not go through a series of standards without actually), and even our beloved outscored five percent of Lenovo IdeaPad S10 in PCMark05.

However, it does not depress NC20 benefits to achieve the results. The battery is three hours, 40 minutes (22 percent longer than the S10) and weighs only 3.3 pounds, compared with the Asus Eee PC 1000h. And everything that you get a 12.1 inch LCD screen, also not the usual 10.2-inch screen NETBOOK.

All this may cause a classification of NC20 as a microlight, with specifications that are similar in size and can be run in the area of $ 2000 (with the Toshiba Portege R series). NC20 is not enough according to the performance of this machine - and not an optical drive - but considering the price. A $ 550, less than a third of the cost of a MacBook Air and weight only 0.3 pounds. Sure, it has a price premium compared with NETBOOK $ 400, but what the NC20 offer upgrade in the form of money for the additional cost. So savagely.


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