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Apple Gold 3G iPhone, Put a Gold iPhone in Your Pocket

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 7:31 AM

Ingots of beauty is the most decadent in the iPhone from $ 1000 Soy Rico approx. SG for two, you can use your 3G in the event that is delicious and packed more carats of Bugs Bunny in the lunch box (24 to be exact). But there is more than just diving into the mobile phone as bright melted Velveeta on broccoli. Custom Choppers first manufacturer of electronic original equipment plastic shields in case of copper for each patch of buildings, the nickel plate to save the leaching of gold-copper finish. A notch at the base to ensure the receiving antenna. Available in yellow or red gold, chromium, copper, or platinum. Just do not lose it!

Pharos Traveler 127 ( GPS included )

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 7:47 AM

But seriously, Pharos (slogan: "Light of the 21st Century") is the name which is difficult in the world of mobile phones and the company's 127 passengers who could not make it to one. General is a good idea on the surface: A 3-G allows QWERTY smart phone with GPS capable interior. Best known for stand-alone GPS device, we can assume that the company knew what he was navigating in the world.

It is, yes. GPS 127 is in the high-level tourists, and Pharos' big sales is that the original GPS Smartphone offers the service, and not through a subscription service or third. All software and maps are stored in the phone, not a download quickly, the benefits are that if you lose your cell signal, GPS is still rolling.

Although the interface to take a little getting used to, GPS accurate and faster to update its position, offering many ways to get lost when you Bearings. Poor's cut to be used. Even if you do not need to enter an address while you are driving (if you play in the unit of Dicey overcrowding keyboard or touch screen small), the sound of the 127 address that is not very comprehensive, consisting mainly in the "turn left, turn right" and "make a U -turn "- no street name. If you are facing a number of options to close the space off the streets together, there will be a way to search by squinting at the screen to read. However, it is a relatively small problem.

While GPS is generally quite good, all the phone functions are pretty beaten and lost. Built on Windows Mobile, the skin is the operating system that will be understood that the games you want to find touch and hope for the best. Ton passenger gives you the option to get around the interface - keyboard, stylus, touchscreen and trackball - not only offer assistance in the right way to get what you want. (Finally, I resorted to good old Windows Mobile Start menu more often.)

Medium is the battery: 3 and a half hours talk time with the GPS radio, and is usually aggravated by the slow response time on the phone. If the traveler is snappier to receive the command, load and update the application screen, I will be more inclined to forgive his power-hungry media. Instead, it feels like you spend most of 3 hours and about half that number to press the button, and then wait for answers.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Brilliant Screen

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 7:51 AM

New Archos 5 wants to challenge Apple's army of players, but the media intelligent dirty trick. Appear as a beautiful 4.8-inch HD screen that is vibrant, which makes average features shine like Rhinestones and completely blind to note that the perfect person. You know, it's a bit like when China used the Olympics to divert attention from human rights violations!

Well, not exactly fair to compare the Archos 5 and the People's Republic questionable treatment of citizens. What is fair to say that this is the music of extremes, and even better portable video player. The screen is very bright and beautiful, I would take him to Las Vegas and married her. You can watch 720p HD video and the game far more than ten types of movie files. When the scope of A Scanner Darkly, the hallucinogenic color animation flowed clearly, like the cat in the truck actually became sour trip. Even that is so black, very small laptop screen. But besides the screen, with many additional features that truly great players of the power.

Add a flash-enabled web browser Opera, and you have access to online video without squinting. We checked in to YouTube via Wi-Fi, and, if selected in the browser, the flash videos conveniently adjusted to the screen. Super sweet.

There are also Webtv Internet radio and plug-in, TV program scheduler, plus you can modify the settings in almost all the features - including the child safety (not to youporn PSM). He also recorded net video clearly with the optional $ 100 DVR dock.

But we can not sugarcoat the trio of flaws that ultimately hamper the player: shamelessly embedded crapware, the current UI, and glitch-fest based on Linux operating system.

Crapware primary violator of media is called Club. This program aims to Archos' online media partners - the border will be allowed if the content is not so overpriced. Want to pay $ 20 to watch Caligula on Cinema Now? How to survive the poor geek's youtube that Daily Motion? No? While we do not.

Worse, every request came with a little demonstration that, when clicked, link to the Archos website through a URL labeled 'pending sale. "Seriously! It's as if someone offers you a slice of cake chocolate, but in return will put you on several occasions in the trash.

The user interface, the touch screen pales in comparison to the iPod Touch, which sometimes is like Dom DeLuise running the Boston Marathon. No multi-touch option. No pinching for you!

Linux-based OS is too simple for its own good. It's easy to miss and a myriad of other applications menu transparent muddy. In one example, players that come in Wi-Fi and does not allow us to change the connection. Interestingly, the transition between programs is not a problem. When we fail to connect that time, started the video in seconds.

Archos 5 is not a bad device stretch of the imagination. Handles almost all formats that can be cast in it, shows rich color detail, and even sports a sexy-slim profile. If not for the beautiful LCD, the imbedded junkware, Pokey UI, and can serve as a reliable operating system to turn off this player. But with a big bright screen works a lot like beer, which allows you to see beyond the lack of player's ugly and makes you feel validated when you wind up taking home.

12.99 mm thick Wired is suitable for a large (use tighty jean hipsters need not apply). Fast ARM processor moves pages quickly cortex. Supports 3G and HSDPA mobile data connections. DVR accessory completes the system with HDMI output, composite video input, and Universal Plug and Play (for streaming media).

Tired custom Linux-based OS too glitchy for comfort. Are not incorporated into the microphone, which can not be used as a VoIP phone. Prankish-metal might be too ostentatious for geeky tastes. Must separate dongle for 3G and HSDPA connections. They can not embed 3G in the player? Come on Archos, stop pulling our wallet and just add this feature to all versions. Please?

Plastic Logic's Reader

Monday, March 23, 2009 7:51 AM

New digital book reader unveiled Monday is super thin and attractive - seemingly taking advantage of Amazon Kindle failures large and horrible.

Flexdisplay Plastic Logic unveiled its digital reader Monday at the DEMO technology convention. Readers who have not yet given a name, will display a variety of media such as newspapers, books and magazines using the E Ink electronic-display technology seen today in similar devices.

What's more, the Plastic Logic device, such as width and length as a sheet of letter size (8.5-by-11-inch), the size of less than 3 / 10 inch thick and weighs less than a pound. The actual area diagonal screen size of 10.7 inches.

Plastic Logic readers shows the balance between size and comfort. Although the gadget in the world, most have more mania "is smaller and more powerful" devices, many plastics that you can appreciate the logic of the reader is longer, wider and thinner than the device, making it more easy to read and carry around.

Backplane device consists of plastic - which could be flexible when third manufacturers adapt their electronics to sustain bending, officials Plastic Logic Wired.com. In the future, devices with touch screen feature to change the page, the navigation and typing notes with the virtual keyboard.

That's where Amazon has an advantage: the Plastic Logic reader is not yet Wi-Fi enabled. Currently there is a micro-USB port and Bluetooth connectivity to sync media from your computer, but said the company has plans to eventually implement Wi-Fi features.

Scanner battery lasts for about a Sunday because there is no backlight: What you see on screen is a reflection, then you have to read the day or with lights on, the only time that the device will power is when loading the page or fiddle with the new menu on the touchscreen.

A date has not been announced but the company is opening a factory in Germany before producing unit; Plastic Logic expects to release its first reader in early 2009. No price has been announced either, but officials say that the reader will be "priced competitively" with devices such as Kindle, which currently costs $ 359.

Dell's Adamo Notebook

Friday, March 20, 2009 7:43 AM

Long-awaited Dell laptop Adamo out. The company has launched a sleek and lightweight laptop for road warriors who want the style of the machine has not been strong.

"We wanted something small, elegant and offer the quality of competitors," John New, Dell executives to market to consumers Wired.com.

Meanwhile, Adam has been compared with the ultralight MacBook Air, spec-wise and size wise it is close to the mainstream, such as portable 13.3-inch HP Voodoo Envy. Adamo is derived from the basic model with a 13.4 inch screen, a 1.2-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB memory and 128 GB solid state drive. It also offers two USB ports, a USB / eSATA port and display port. But all this - with the added touch of design is focused on the resale Dell - carries a stiff price. Adamo is the basic version will cost $ 2000, while the more expensive model that costs $ 2700.

Adamo has been a rumor in a comparison with other Dell products. At the Consumer Electronics Show in January Dell shows prototype of a machine. Contractor to show the model of laptop, but not switched on, specifications or offer to let anyone touch it.

However, he is very happy to blog about this product. During the session in the hands of a new product Wired.com explains how Dell has brought out all the stops when it comes to design.

Adamo is the scalloped touch buttons on the keyboard to make typing easier and slippery smooth finish provides a good gloss, new word. Notebook also comes with information display, which can disrupt some users because of the light illuminated the room reflections. Adamo will be available in two colors: black "onyx" white "pearls."

With the design and use of a large solid state drive, which Adamo Echoes of Apple MacBook Air. Adamo, but an older child - may be too large for a manila envelope.

The MacBook Air is 12.8 inches wide, 8.94 inches deep and has a thickness of 0.16 to 0.76 inches. By way of comparison, Adamo 13/03 inches wide, 9.5 inches and a uniform depth of 0.65 inches thick.

Adamo that weighs four pounds compared to the MacBook Air from three pounds of extra weight and is not felt.

The Adamo has no idea with a laptop as light as possible, but to provide a single user to provide the right balance between weight, design and technical specifications, a new word.

"If only the weight, we ultrathin 2-pound Latitude laptop line," he said. "But we want something that will have the full size of ports and options such as an external Blu-ray."

What is also interesting about Adamo Dell is trying to position the product as a lifestyle. Adamo is equipped with several plastic boxlike package. Optional accessories, including covers designed by Tumi, a laptop-style for women and a greater burden laptop bags for men.

Dell says there is more to come under the name Adam. "The Adamo is new to us," he said again, "and it is only the first product to be in this line."

Flepia, World's First Color E-book Reader from Fujitsu

Thursday, March 19, 2009 7:27 AM

Fujitsu's Flepia, color e-book views in the last test in a luxury restaurant in Tokyo, is now available for purchase. Do not be too excited though - even if you're in Japan, where Flepia is for sale, you'll have a 99,750 yen or just over $ 1000.

You get a lot of money for you, however. Readers have an 8 "screen that displays 260,000 colors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (b, g), mini-USB port, and most important of all, a touch screen (although it comes with a stylus, so hope that the resistance touch screen, does not like capacitive iPhone.)

This is done with soft on-screen keyboard (like the Kindle should have) and a battery of 40 hours (continuous use - Fujitsu said that the site in 2400). Books that are stored on an SD card and can be purchased from the online bookstore Papyless.

Strange, then Flepia seems to be a kind of tablet / e-book hybrids. Along with the reading software, the device comes loaded with Windows CE 5, which means that support for email, spreadsheets, web browsing, etc.. If you see this as a low-power, long lifetime of the computer color e-book reader, began to seem less expensive. Flepia which will start shipping on April 20.

It seems that the age of e-book is in our view, all the dreams of science fiction writers ever. Next up - the car flying.

HP Firebird 803,Voodoo DNA Included

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:39 AM

HP and boutique / luxury division Voodoo deserves serious praise for what they have achieved with the Firebird 803. Taking a combination of desktop and laptop casings, with high-end components of juice, with water cooling fan is not noisy goo, and was covered with beautiful, curvy shell that will make most of the industrial designers weep with envy that you have created a Firebird witness how the envelope can encourage PC usually boring world.

Also a real bargain, the price of $ 2100, full.

Firebird offers a hybrid design - the use of 2.5-inch hard drive (two 320 GB model) and two graphics cards originally designed for laptop computer - but all the CPU power from the desktop and the size of the DIMM module. As with a laptop, wireless connection is based on, but not the power is: To save on electricity, HP breaks the (big) for the adapter in the box.

Other key solid specifications: CPU 2.83GHz Core 2 Quad, 4GB RAM, and slot-load Blu-ray DVD player. You will not find fans: The combination of low power consumption (only 230 watts of peak compared with more than 1000 watts is also equipped on the desktop) and a sealed liquid cooling system through the May fire burn throughout the day without making peek behind the hum of hard drives . It is surprisingly quiet, even when I was running at full.

Performance is very good, but almost earth-aloud. However, serious players should not even have a problem playing the title processor chomping quality and resolution full-speed without mincing.

Connectivity is very ... if you have an external device: With six USB ports, a FireWire connector, two eSATA ports, and HDMI and DVI output, you will not do to the plug. Obsessive upgraders, however, was slightly disappointed: Not only useful mini PCI-E expansion slot available for the interior, all drive bays and the other slots taken. If you want to achieve one of the components, design Firebird screws provide fast access to the motherboard through a hinged panel and the button, but it is not necessary to open the system to see that in the Work: The computer has a side panel and plastic interior lighting so that you can see the fire in action.

Cold fire as a whole, is not without weaknesses. The inclusion of an ExpressCard slot is bewildering / useless hand, and external power (the great) sound more annoying to try it. But my biggest complaint is that the fire from the rationalization of means does not include deposits at all ports, even a USB port on the thumbdrive. HP series, and even the Mac Pro is a space for it.

Strength=surprisingly calm and aware of energy consumption. Design, including on the table, not below it. Solid performance in all the price is fair.

Weakness=front USB port. Curvy design means you can not put something on the case. Functional closed, with no upgrade path.

Klipsch HD Theater 500 - HD Theater Rock Your House

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 8:44 AM

Planning can eat more than ramen Top Top Chef this week, but it does not mean you have to sacrifice dinner music as well. Klipsch understands. The Company offers high-end audio is now three "recession proof" that he can provide a platform for superior 5.1 sound, even as their 401K funds.

We have tried in the middle of this child triage, the Theater 500 HD. Set comes packed in a box the size of a mini fridge. Teeny four speakers, a slightly larger center channel, and a decent-sized rear ported 8-inch subwoofer. This system is also equipped with a wall mounting components for five speakers.

After the installation is easy, crank that song from punk rock to classic jazz. Almost every music genre that launched the system clearly tonal balance, other than separation, and many of the bass. However, when we start the selection of films that really shined noise.

Mark II tests in order for the iron man, who literally sounded like feather Robert Jr. running around the room. An agonizing choice of Beverly Hills Chihuahua pooches since the complaint screen that really scared the hell out of my dog. Special shout: the center speaker. And the rest of the room for the vibration transporter 3, boom box dual woofers delivered crystal-clear sound - even if they do not always want to hear Jason Statham awkwardly delivered dialogue.

Of course, if you have a big gap in entertainment, this is not to fill the system. In the large room, which quickly become out of loyalty and 500 missing. But if you need to fill the small space with big sound, this is one of the best from there. Especially at this time, HD 500 is part of a large budget, but at least you can choose the one without first getting cosigner.

Sparkling Wired for 5.1 surround sound for a small (ish) space. Spartan aesthetic seems astute. Easy, breezy setting.

Not the audiophile tired? Tuning the subwoofer can be a serious fraud from the IRS audit. $ 600 is kind of a lot, although Klipsch.

Olympus Stylus 1050 SW

Monday, March 16, 2009 8:46 AM

Schlemiel åre that whenever the decline to a mobile phone or camera at the party? Or maybe you always schlemazel is a drink that he fell in? Anyway, if you are looking for a camera that is suitable for the clumsy or accident-prone lifestyle, shockproof, waterproof, resistant to cold and the Stylus 1050 SW can take a beating from the fumbles, faceplants full speed, or accident, and continue clicking. Add some unique features, and have a good camera is hard to, well, almost nobody.

But if you believe the second wave of resistance to gravity, moisture and cold and in the arm, you are horribly wrong. With the snorkel and skiing in mind, the Olympus 1050 is equipped with the accelerometer allows you to play with the settings by clicking on the top and sides. This allows you to do something useful, such as flash and gloves or see a picture with one hand while a tiger shark refute the other. Moreover, Olympus lost the opportunity to further enhance the camera using the accelerometer to rotate the image dynamically in review mode.

Other cool features? Perfect shot preview, a program that shows what the different settings - such as exposure - as will be seen in the image on the finish side by side comparison on the LCD. Also dug the calendar view in playback, where you can sort photos by date taken. SW also offers a panoramic stitching in the camera, that sounds really useful, but it does not seem so great.

And there is some frustration with the SW, too. First, the cover protects the lens and powers on which slides a little too easy to open, temporarily stored in the slide agape pocket, so the aim of annihilating the scratches and the battery. 3x zoom of the Olympus is not good for wildlife photography, unless you're really good at sneaking up on birds and alligators. Automatic, and often have the problem with the item, so for the long delay times. Oh yes, the macro function is also weak; usual macro focal length is a minimum of 7.9 inches, and super macro is 2.8 - not so great.

Most of the pictures pretty decent to see whether the occasional mistake or problem of macro autofocus. We can certainly stoked the video until you run out of space on your card. Olympus also microSD adapter with the camera, so you have the flexibility of the media, and if you have a microSD to SD adapter, you can tap the card on the laptop now, readers who do not xD.

About the size and shape as a pack of cigarettes, the Olympus will not have more than all of the boxes of Camel Lights, but with all that pesky cancer. 1050 SW defects easier to forgive if we take into account the capabilities that are hard to quit cold, handling a hit or a risk. See if the package that the Parliament can survive.

Wired shockproof to 5 feet water-resistant and 10 means you can hit in The Edge of falling into the pool without hurting. Tap function lets you change settings without futzing with the key, and the camera can handle the cold alpine with aplomb. They come with a microSD adapter for greater flexibility of the media.

Tired slide the lens cover is easier than Ricky Henderson. Easy to put on the battery, so I think that is dead or malfunction of the camera. Weak capacity and poor macro zoom, this camera can use a bifocal update.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900

Friday, March 13, 2009 9:07 AM

Barack Obama want to get the gloves on the new executive BlackBerry Curve. As our new Prez, the latest smartphone from the Rim of the changes. But unlike Mr Obama, is not promising any changes. 

Claims Rim Curve 8900 is the thinnest and lightest full QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone "to date. The body is very beautiful design that combines the slippery Bold, bright and face black screen with 8300 graphite and silver hued accents ago. If there is a clear error in the chassis design is the top of the phone is suddenly, making it difficult to lock and press the Mute - especially since the phone significantly more than its predecessor. In fact, a little extra on top of us seriously considering rounding The Edge of ourselves with the power sander, just to curve bends back to almost perfect.

But we do not fully here at Wired shallow. We all know about what is in the count. This new curve and the necessary repairs correct.

Urbanites with the depth of penetration of wireless broadband hotspots or connection to the murderer device often appreciate support Wi-Fi, a fast and easy to configure. The camera is upgraded from 2 to 3.2 megapixels (that time, iPhone!) Well designed with autofocus, image stabilization and flash capacity strong enough to cause some to wince a theme. Even better, the amateur in the Spike Jonze can now record video up to 20 hours for a maximum of 16GB MicroSD storage Berry. That's about 20 minutes pure YouTube Taser-yardage opportunities, although the sound quality is clearly sub-par. See video and photos on the 2.5-inch, 480 x 320 pixel screen is fantastic, especially since the display of the Ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness does not matter how advanced in a dark room 

If you really want to use the BlackBerry in the phone (you can do it!) Quality sound mix. The caller on the other hand, we hear - even when we play a great game Halo decibels. However, at the end of the sound quality is not acceptable rate - more than one time, the discussion is going on in the wind tunnel.

Rim spinning a roulette wheel with the software of 8900, but not quite successful boat. The most audacious of all the change is total redesign of the property so maligned Rim browser. Websites are now given in full HTML, which combined with high resolution and excellent color rendition screen, you are very happy to finally explore the Internetz on the BlackBerry. Unfortunately, while the browser is a big improvement, the lack of a certain intelligence can be found in the other Smartphones. Often the web pages must be manually - this is very frustrating when reading a text heavy page (hello newyorker.com). 

The "To Go" software series also suffer from lack of attention to detail. View Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents is running, but they feel like the creation of dying. Rim's why you use the Alt key each time you use the number keys in Excel? And why use the keys option to act as a shortcut to change the language for the program?

At the end of the day, a very interesting curve 8900 is difficult for us to settle for the old model that does not have a BlackBerry killer camera, video recording capability, Wi-Fi and integrated tool is the master version. All Rim needs to be done is to improve the software and a few more animals this will be the real beauty.

Strength= Slick, sexy mash the best of design Bold and Curve 8830. Bright, high resolution screen is one of the best we've seen in a Rim device. Full HTML delivery on the website. 3.2 megapixel camera is even better when combined with the ability to record video, 3.5mm headphone adapter that does not mean dull. Almost 5 hours battery life is very impressive.

Weak= 3G is MIA. Although powerful 512 Mhz processor, the software is still a delay. New website and the software does not perform as well as it should. Mixing and the quality of the phone speaker does not provide compensation for the distorted music player


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